Brooklyn, New York – December 12, 2012 – New talent stands it’s ground, holding down it’s corner protecting his turf, in a reality over saturated powered by perceived popular culture and conglomerate interest….the almighty dollar, churning out fact similes, carbon copies devoid of individuality, originality…. Here comes the veteran new comer Prolog….

Prolog has been pushing his organic home-made brand from the streets to the air waves through the digital underground from Brooklyn to Baghdad, Mt Fuji to Kilimanjaro, reminiscent a masked Zorro here to leave his Mark…..
“Rappers come and go,” says Ms. Smith, “but when a seemingly single genre is reduced to such a galvanized sound the creativity suffers your audience becomes tone deaf, everything begins to sound similar and thus is marginalized and doomed to mediocrity. Prolog sought to remedy this with his fresh unadulterated unapologetic approach… The Messiah has returned…leaving competition to kick rocks as his flow walks on water…

Brooklyn, New York – Now – In a market oversaturated with the seemly one dimensional. Here comes Prolog with the H2O flow, raw street social commentary which has been described as a return to the essence, a renaissance a re-birthl…. Prolog “Boom Bye Ye” to quote one of his freestyles…..

As if from out of nowhere with the articulation of a journalist on the mic Pro-log spits fire with familiarity, heat to warm burn if you get to close far from your average EMCEE, a throwback thoroughbred balanced with a needed push forward. Prolog entertains with his prolific freestyles, chaotic compositions journeys on the M.I.C. capturing the ironies in life which is art; his brand, a brand which has been marinating, seasoned with all the necessary ingredients and now ready to be served……

“MC’s come and go,” “but every once in a while there are the ones who stand out, the ones who are just a little more prolific on the M- I – C. They try hard and make a better product which speaks to the essence of hip hop.

This is rap beyond gun play, it is social commentary beyond news and media. It’s the yes yes ya’ll and you don’t stop its hip hop. So if you want to hear something worthy of your attention, check out Prolog….